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Assam Black Tea originated from Assam, India and naturally grows near sea level. This full-bodied tea is known for it’s bright color, and its strong malt and brisk flavor. Moreover, this tea is commonly consumed as a breakfast tea.

Assam Black Tea is known for its:

  • Unique flavor
  • Loose leaves
  • Popularity as an Irish breakfast tea
  • Small-sized Assam tea leaves

There are many wonderful reasons to give this delicious and mouth-watering Assam Black Tea a try. Not only does it offer amazing health benefits, but the taste is bold and offers tea drinkers a boost to their day. Defuse this loose leaf tea for a quick pick-me-up. With its unique flavor, you’ll be able to drink your Assam Black Tea throughout the day or during your early morning commute.

Benefits of Assam Black Tea:

  • May help to fight off cancer cells.
  • May help reduce fat.
  • May help to prevent heart attack.
  • May help to strengthen your nervous system.
  • May help to improve digestion.

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Weight .3125 lbs

8floz. Tin Makes About 50cups, Large 16floz. Tin


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